Client Testimonials

  • Amanda Hargreaves

    “I got in touch with Max to explore the online coaching approach, something I had never done before. I wasn’t sure how much it would benefit me but Max took me through the whole process and I decided to give it a go. It has honestly been the best coaching programme I have done and although it has been a longer transformation due to my job and not always being able to stay on plan, I honestly could not be happier.The weight loss and physical changes are fantastic and yes it is hard work and there are days I felt like I couldn’t carry on but Max was always there to help me and ensure I didn’t give up. I have never had a good relationship...
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  • Hayley Edginton

    My decision to contact Max came after a summer of pure indulgence. I blame the sunshine! Sunshine for me = more social drinking and less gym time! I returned from my holiday at the end of August feeling utterly miserable.To my friends I probably looked the same, after all, it was only an extra stone in weight and I hid the extra pounds well with my clothes, but to me I felt miserable. I couldn’t fit into a lot of my clothes and it was affecting my food and self confidence. This is when I approached Max.From our initial meeting, I knew this was the right plan for me. I’ve always enjoyed exercise but this plan was far more than that...
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  • Rachael Bentley

    Before signing up with Max I really had little idea of the benefits of online coaching, and admit I was sceptical.I had decided to get into shape for the summer and online coaching was ideal for me, as I definitely need to be held accountable (my excuses for missing a gym session know no bounds!) and also allowed me the freedom I needed to fit training in around a very busy job and social life in my own time.The tracking of my weight, steps and calories really helped me to stick to the plans set by Max and the training videos are easy to follow.Max certainly knows his stuff and I trusted his suggestions and tweaks to my plan which have paid o...
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  • Alex Earl

    “I started working with Max 8 weeks ago and we only had a short amount of time as I was about to go travelling. From the very start Max was so helpful and very thorough! The use of his app was absolutely insane and helped my OCD massively as everything was on there that you needed and I didn’t need to write it anywhere else.Max was always in contact with me even when he broke his leg making sure everything was okay. The fortnightly check ins were great and so easy to use as it was on YouTube.I trusted Max a lot with my progress and knew that he knew what he was doing. I lost a massive 8kg in just this short amount of time but I also lea...
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  • Danielle Glasgow

    I started online coaching with Max in November. Initially when he approached me I hadn’t long started trying to lose weight with Slimming World. I was a little sceptical at first.. How was this going to work? Was I going to be video calling while at the gym? Gym?! Jeeez!I’ve always avoided exercise I was far too self conscious and thought it was embarrassing. Now I love going, it’s my little bit of me time and I now understand all the hype with strength training!So far I’ve managed to lose 52lbs with Max and I’m feeling great. In the past I’ve tried other diets and weight loss plans and always ended up fail...
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  • Chloe Elliott

    I joined the gym in mid 2016 with the aim to lose some weight for my holiday. I was offered a personal training session with Max not realising the benefits. Just over a year later I lost just under 2 and a half stone, gained confidence and have a balanced, healthy lifestyle.Previous to Personal Training I had little understanding about the benefits of weight training, Max explained each plan in detail to help me understand what I needed to do whilst training on my own. My whole attitude to fitness has completely changed and I now enjoy going the gym.Max is genuinely interested in helping achieve my goal, he regularly reviewed my progress and...
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